About Us

The Six Friends Start Up

Six friends, driven by the passion for the cultivation of hemp, in 2018 decided to combine their respective skills to enter the Italian light cannabis market and offer quality products. Thus was born the CARMAMILLA agricultural laboratory. The company’s mission is to produce the best hemp inflorescences on a large scale to satisfy the most demanding consumers, paying particular attention to the health of people and the environment.

Agriculture becomes smart to achieve truly above average quality standards: sensors, processors, interconnections and much more at the service of best quality indoor cultivation.
The most advanced technologies, the great experience and a good dose of effort to finally produce in our territory selected varieties of “Cannabis Sativa L” as you have never seen before.

Good Things Are Grown With Love
Soci Carmamilla

Our Team

Six partners, 6 friends, 6 passionate growers

Christian Paschetta

CEO – Head of CBD Marketing Universe

Roberto Fazzolari

CFO – IT & Interstellar Delivery Manager


Mega Director Outdoor e Greenhouse

Christian Paschetta

Indoor and Nursery Wonder Director


HR & Expertise Baywatcher

Harry Mendoza

Magical Indoor Grower


A Network of Trust

Over the years, we have built an organized network of retail distributors, which makes it possible to find our products in many shops in the region.